21 May 2015, 10:31am

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Lyrics to a song

Wordsfortune cherokee garage
Think I don’t think
Hope I don’t hope
Remember me a mirror for my brain
To take more ugly selfies
Shroud for my cock
I see people I see flies
What do I spy with my little eye
colors clothes landscapes matches
Parolees problems aliens and sitcoms
Obama is my president
Brandishing my thought like, what

Storms of generosity when you consider
A.R. Ammons and science
What to make of
A guy on tumblr making art from birdswings
Think I think
When I will see
More of this and more of that
generally all good
High quality
People in their saddest thoughts are full of high quality
Pot to piss in
The saddest man puts a flower on his head
I am jealous of sad people
I want to steal one
and be its golem

14 May 2015, 10:30am

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Egon Schiele is in my basement

Time for interesting morals and habits
Al shabaab
Upanishad window
Translating variables into arcane symbols for machines
It’s how I operate, awesome
Been dealing with a lot of stress you know
which I won’t talk about here
Because that’s unseemly
Although it doesn’t make a robot any less human

Bungalow nightdress mad
Watch snow white drive in a trance
Devo whip it
Pots on heads or
Who is the last ramone
My heroes are worshipping themselves all over again

I thought to grab your crotch but also

I want to spend sunday watching baseball
And have some fish tacos
Take my sons skating
Time for home time, time
What’s the most interesting thing
imaginative word you know
Scooter clothesline
word what’s a
Word for clandestine

28 Apr 2015, 12:52pm

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Sunny D is not a vitamin

Looking different
Vegetables and cartons
Bene gesserit
That old litany of someone you know versus
Someone you just want to have a baby with
Child rearing and egos
Love you like
People slipping in and out of your home like
Shadows in the mud room
What was the name of that dog
What was it
Was it blood and grass, mold, what was it
Also what is
Best for this detergent
I think this time
You might bleach your eyeballs with lime
if you don’t like what you see
Many people see me
Many, my aunt at seventy-five
She looked so lovely
Hugging her granddaughter at the birthday lunch
It was there
All up in the air between them
Fiercely hugging
You could tell it was something genuine

22 Apr 2015, 6:52pm


Thinking of Jeremy Clarkson, and what will happen next

Bullshit weather atrocity
Jumping beans in the heavens
With a great smoke coming down
Watch the
Chimney bugs beetles and worms
Rout of flowers and green fields
Working up into the mulch beds
I fight it with work
I must I have to quarrel with it
It’s how we humans deal with our impending sense of doom
Chaos and disorder
If they’re out of the title you want at the store you pitch a fit
Punch a producer in the face
All to get paid with another paycheck
Rainy day fund stop gap noxious gas
for your further wedding retirement old age
Because you know you really can’t rely on your children
They’ve been overloved
And why should they/you
Their life is theirs
They ought to live it far far away
And drive fast exotic sports cars
See you when I see you. Love, the Stig.
That’s all we want for them
All the best
If you want to buy sex toys on Amazon now you can

8 Apr 2015, 11:33am

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Are you in my event horizon

Dark and lucky
Flowing water reverse chair
Are you getting dressed
Or am I just imagining things like
You moving underneath me

Semi undressed half clothed
Partially nude
Your hips down no under wear

Last night I went bowling
I told you that

What will you do today
My story
Begins with painting
I am three walls in
My son’s room he’s helping
It’s going quicker than I thought
The color is sortof a drab grey
But it’s alright when the light hits it
“French silver” according to the paint can
He picked it out, it’s what he wanted
So for now I’m just cheap labor
Having a lunch

We’ll hit it back again this after noon
Spring time in Georgia

The fourth wall will be
Candy apple red

14 Mar 2015, 11:31am

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Time and pheromones

People walking 20 miles, 30 miles
Waking up and taking valium
Getting ready to go downstairs
And walk some more miles
Putting on some clothes
Like faces
Jogging suit deodorant
Under wear the same as the day before
People walking and working
Holding on to railways
and escalators and old shirts

I have to say
That I do it well
I walk up this old drive to dinner at my house
Do I feel trapped
That’s a question you might ask me
In your little car you can drive
To meet me in my big car

There are hills and mountains
And Weather
And Obligations
I think I might need to change my oil before I go

Keep some things in your car for the way
Water and crackers
emergency flare space blanket
Whistle and compass
Pump and backup battery for your phone
Empty jug to pee in
wastebasket to pee in
bathtub to pee in
I’ll go walking and working
through oceans of your pee

2 Mar 2015, 6:30pm

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Around and around we go

Big yellow tomato
Karmann ghia
My uncle who raced stock cars
around a dirt track near winder
He was fast
He won a lot
He was my favorite (uncle)

The car was brown and pink
It had mail box numbers on the side
Number 7
Number 13
Kisses for luck

When you win on a dirt track
they don’t feed you champagne
You have pabst blue ribbon
You pour it over your bald head
and it gets in your underwear

My uncle lived in a brick apartment
over his garage
He had girls stay with him
Through the week
My aunt wasn’t too happy about it
but she liked him winning

That isn’t there anymore

I was reading (grapes of wrath
On the road) and you were
Nowhere near

I see you on the beach some days
You’re still pretty
I’m still lonely, horny
In love

1 Mar 2015, 8:01pm

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Don’t judge me I won’t

Warehouse opera multi function
House and handgrenade
The hosereel gets stuck by the garage door
So I don’t wash the cars anymore
Sonny jurgensen
I thank you
We all thank you
The hawks are doing well
19 in a row was it and still on top of the east
My mind is a rube goldberg device
Must be time for spring cleaning
I am an Ape wearing a wedding gown
That’s me
Been wanting to feel what it feels
To be bent over the old chaise
Face staring against the dull blinds
Will it snow
Will the kids be out of school for another week
I heard a fly buzz when I
When I
You took the tall picture and put it on my dresser
That’s my favorite
I like it
Please do that again

17 Feb 2015, 2:49pm

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What perfume does your wife

Elastic banners and honey c’mere
Do me the do list
All left-you-in-the-wardrobe
A dormant message from outer space
Silk stockings and spider web
webbings        quieter queer quieter
Pinks Chiffon
Greta Garbo
Soft Leggings blue pink blue pink
white pink
Patchouli soap
Lace socks and
Tautological yoga balls
Tattoos of
Lemons oils grass bottles
Spinster shoes
Shiny leather
Glandular sexy toys in a box
Next to a child’s finger painting
And bronze baby shoes and a jar of
Clara Bow in a necktie     and bangs
Feel your way in the dark
Onto a pile of books
Fall out in the snow in a fur

13 Feb 2015, 3:03pm

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Roman polanski and my father

Mirror nickel and old feet
Wet words wool socks
Tide, your diploma graduation hat tassel
Motor engine
Climb an old roof
Banner billboard
Scaring the life out of some one
They thought was an animal up along the edge
That time we went to the mountains
and there was so much snow in april
Eating macaroni and canned chicken
Peanut butter and trail mix
I asked you what the iron curtain meant
and you said something about pittsburgh
No you misunderstand
I’m tired can we go
Instead we hiked down to gatlinburg and got a room
The oak ridge boys were playing
Nearly passed out at the ripleys museum
From too much cough medicine
Jack palance remember that guy
You shook your head
I wondered if club soda would get bloodstains
out of carpet you said
Ask your mother
She would know better than I do
about those things