23 Feb 2016, 1:00pm

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Avocado for your mess kit

Deep wife storm emergency
Tattoo big ness in your diary
Sleep inside a small privy
Nature hike on granola bars
Spam pem mi cam
Do you know the story of pemmican
It’s one part meat one part what you can make from meat
(tallow ochre burnt sienna
All those rough colors in your crayon box)

Asked if I could clean and gut a fish
I couldn’t remember if I knew how
Would it all come back to me
As they say
Would I just wallow

I don’t know what I’d like to be fed on
Been purchasing weird things on amazon
Water purifiers backpacks sleeping bivys
Light weight food stuffs
macaroni oatmeal grits
Put it all in my maw
I have a singleminded hunger now
a purpose for everything

I need some tactical blouses
Impermeable Nylon
And ground penetrating radar

So that I can be near some water

Seam seal my feet

Eat that good stuff
Take some coffee for the trail

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