25 Jan 2016, 11:08am

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Running songs over fog

Package war friends rope
Cup of coffee in the hand (the mind)
The brain on holiday losing its shit
Winding up switchbacks two legged
Trekking poles ahead wind Ridgeline altitude
We are gonna camp out on a bald tonight
Bald knob gap ridge
Who made the words that we apply to these hills
Everybody making ball jokes scratching their groins
I’m gonna camp out in a hammock across the trail
Do what you like just don’t bother me if you get cold
Ha ha who brought beans

I’m too old too young too old again
It’s history that I am missing
Remembered Nostalgia grieving for the past
Nothing like you could use on a rainy day
Sunshine for hope
next morning stuff
You have climbed it up it now climb it down
Waterfalls creek beds
Temps picking up
Shins burning

I have an idea about grief now and again
It’s in a cartoon
Yosemite huckleberry yogi boo boo
The sun is behind them
They get back in their cars, and keep running

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