13 Jan 2016, 8:24pm

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Happy bottom, warm to the touch

Babe right cool
December shark January fish
Jetsons on tv in the anteroom
Ivs hooked up to judys thin wrist
Oh judy what have you done
Idylls of teenage boys
Girls with candy poison
Thin, aloof / wrong nut
Peppermint hopscotch girls
Elroy wants to be one
to grow up and out of his chest hair
Transvestite religious angel
Religious mechanism righteous despair
Astro keeps going around and around an Astro
I heard a fly buzz and a dog bark/whimper when i kissed you
George? George?
Jane says with her eager toes painted
wriggling around and around the untethered stocking
I can see you blush
I can feel you blush
We start singing the lyrics to that song

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