10 Dec 2015, 11:19am

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Teardrop lumens
Fuck me fuck me not
A tilde a dash
Been saying it all day blue sky no cloud no
Non winter December day
66 in the sun
Feeling sky awful how to put things

Stopped at the Publix to buy brownie mix for my son’s
brownie model of lübeck Germany
(it has blue for the water)
Picked up some subs for dinner
then went on satellite radio
The guys on Faction were talking to David spade about his new book
He’s a Funny funny guy
Celebrity or no self deprecating and lame true lame
(he has slept with so many women!)

I don’t know where I would have to be in lübeck Germany
it looks so much like an eyeball
my son carries the city to school in a glass dish
I tell him to be careful
all those little people
hanging out at the Marienkirche practically depend on him
for their lives

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