20 Nov 2015, 10:46am

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Desert fleece / polypropylene / wet cotton

Scattered message throat lozenge diaper rash
Forced Forceps troubled dream Indiana
Who drew you in petticoats swimsuit bunny jumper
Tragic black makeup long hair wild irises
It was me I guess
I didn’t wish it
How did I know it was you
The ‘you’ you are in a dream is always suspect
I don’t know you
I Listen to rap these days rap and punk heavy metal
I don’t know you
I Bought you a birthday card forgot to mail it
Found it the other day washing my car
Forgot to tell you
The batteries inside were still good it buzzed when I opened it up and
There was a Fly on a wall

Fly strips are made of what
Grandmother fell down again she’s in a rehab facility now
First Thanksgiving since I’ve been nine? We won’t go there
Maybe have a turkey here
Watch the leaves fall start a fire
Drink a Lagavulin and think of all we had to lose to get here
we now have to be up so early and don’t really know what to do with all that freedom
When all I can do is react to the damage and report it
Bombs going off everywhere
Plan and contingency
In a dream I can still feel the
Pink slippers of your mouth around me
Like a hill climbing on top and
My Hand on your face touching you and
That’s the way it goes I guess
In a dream we are safe, since none of us even exist

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