15 Oct 2015, 1:31pm

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Last will and testament

Dust ruby hiding cough
coal mother crow eyes eagle face
Little shine on the valley hey man
bends over and picks up a soap
A cartoon drawn by a child
Becomes a puzzle in man’s eye
Graphic novels read by the best award-winning prized
vocalist vocals
He schedules you in for the afternoon
Books on tape audio books books on cd
What are books
The obsolete grows more obsolescent
As you grow more senescent
Good girl Go on
who does not remember that painting of Turner’s golden/
White goddess
Fairy me fairy
Yes they do all say they do
But who will you have come
The koi in my pond yes
I Want my son to have the big stereo with the blown speaker
Listen to it in the motorhome
big bass tube sound
Bliss I want to know bliss
fall back to forgetting
Grandmother what are you hiding
In the cemetery where the crows are

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