27 Aug 2015, 10:04am

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Brain liquid metaphysics

Breadcrumb society
Trailer station
Waking up and rolling over and
Writing songs like
What did you dream of before this
The train is all over me
Lake woebegone
Travelling to minutes before
where there used to be donut shops
Police car outtakes
Don’t close your eyes we’re on a stakeout
Outside your house
The transformer robots gleefully sleep
and Cyborgs wait on us
We are them
Their dream
Here is the software for your root code
Starbucks analogy freeze frame dunkin donuts
McDonald’s nescafe
conditions are just fine at amazon
Thank god
What was toni Braxton singing
Before I knew how to know
I am Totally lukewarm now
My mind changes everything
Like Cold pizza
tetris can suppress your appetite
Or lady viagara
do you know what I’m saying
Angels can’t drive
If they could
There’d have to be a new sort of madonna
outside the Louvre

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