22 Jul 2015, 10:18am


David Bowie – Lou Reed – tiny country

Hair face
Pretty blossom
You look like a dove
You look like a dolphin

You remind me of me and andie with the gay porn
Me and alex
Me and the little eiffel
I remember

How come you’ve got no cave
How come
All alone alone
All by the body
The bamboo reeds shoot up in the lawns
The drug dealers go down and say
Grandmother grandmother what big eyes you have
The fairytale is ugly
Leave us alone

Mother mother may I
Wear your dress
Throw rocks in the weeds
I caught my finger on a hook
I’m bleeding

Now we are going home for the hernia operation
I can’t even walk now
I have the gauze mouth anaesthetic
Wisdom tooth munchies

Boys names for girls
Boys and girls
Echo cardiogram
They say it is a heart murmur
They say
They say we will all die

I wanna swim
like dolphins can swim

I wanna swim like a dolphin.

Yes, I still come here and read.

And reading you rearranges my brain cells the same reading Ashbery does. I like when it feels like my brain is gladly traveling where it has never traveled before.

I clicked on CE’s blog link from your home page and it made me, briefly, sad.

I will leave you with this bit of related radomalia. Cruising various sights this morning, I saw an articled titled; Why Straight Men have Sex with Straight Men.

I said: Seriously? Out loud.

Hey, good to hear from you. Sorry for the slow reply. I don’t come here myself very often. But it’s nice to know there are still some readers :)


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