2 Jun 2015, 2:00pm

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June 2001

I was living in a castle without any ideas
What a job
No man could be kinglier
I downloaded Kid A on limewire on my super fast dsl
It took a week
Then I listened to Kid A for ten weeks in my car
Immersed and terrified
Kid A summer
I was following moths
Azaleas, hydrangea bushes
Photographing crepe myrtles and
pointillist photoshop images of my daughter
What did I know about anything

You have experiences, yours may be similar
Did you vote in an election
Run from the cops
I only wanted to get out of my shitty
Two bedroom apartment and get on with my real life

When the lights went out though
We got drunk a lot
We sat, ministering
Thinking aloud about what to do next
About where to go and when
Then Nowhere then
A pile of books and dogs and liner notes
What a mess

That’s when I remembered the one thing that I wanted to be

I followed your trail of clothes to the bedroom

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