16 Jun 2015, 12:11pm

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Does the pope wear a hat

Purple luncheon holstein holler
Bicycle shirt holster
It’s a thin material a wicking material
It’s a shirt for a bicycle
I find it cosmically unafraid and filter out the bad

First things are called exactly what they are
Mower bag
Vacuum attachment
Laundry chute

Then you are running around a lot
Probably trying your high protein low carb
Fat burner diet
Spinning in spinning class
Exercising on a wheel
Naturally you are looking good there too
Those squats are really good for your glutes
But look at all those sweaty gym clothes

And now you can’t stand it anymore
when it’s all over who will know you
Things go on and sometimes you have to be sure

I would like to see you when
You are
running low on your
Under things
When it’s just you and your horizon
Lucky there later here

Ronald Colman
Little man unafraid and naked
In a white t shirt

Punching the stars

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