21 May 2015, 10:31am

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Lyrics to a song

Wordsfortune cherokee garage
Think I don’t think
Hope I don’t hope
Remember me a mirror for my brain
To take more ugly selfies
Shroud for my cock
I see people I see flies
What do I spy with my little eye
colors clothes landscapes matches
Parolees problems aliens and sitcoms
Obama is my president
Brandishing my thought like, what

Storms of generosity when you consider
A.R. Ammons and science
What to make of
A guy on tumblr making art from birdswings
Think I think
When I will see
More of this and more of that
generally all good
High quality
People in their saddest thoughts are full of high quality
Pot to piss in
The saddest man puts a flower on his head
I am jealous of sad people
I want to steal one
and be its golem

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