14 May 2015, 10:30am

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Egon Schiele is in my basement

Time for interesting morals and habits
Al shabaab
Upanishad window
Translating variables into arcane symbols for machines
It’s how I operate, awesome
Been dealing with a lot of stress you know
which I won’t talk about here
Because that’s unseemly
Although it doesn’t make a robot any less human

Bungalow nightdress mad
Watch snow white drive in a trance
Devo whip it
Pots on heads or
Who is the last ramone
My heroes are worshipping themselves all over again

I thought to grab your crotch but also

I want to spend sunday watching baseball
And have some fish tacos
Take my sons skating
Time for home time, time
What’s the most interesting thing
imaginative word you know
Scooter clothesline
word what’s a
Word for clandestine

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