14 Mar 2015, 11:31am

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Time and pheromones

People walking 20 miles, 30 miles
Waking up and taking valium
Getting ready to go downstairs
And walk some more miles
Putting on some clothes
Like faces
Jogging suit deodorant
Under wear the same as the day before
People walking and working
Holding on to railways
and escalators and old shirts

I have to say
That I do it well
I walk up this old drive to dinner at my house
Do I feel trapped
That’s a question you might ask me
In your little car you can drive
To meet me in my big car

There are hills and mountains
And Weather
And Obligations
I think I might need to change my oil before I go

Keep some things in your car for the way
Water and crackers
emergency flare space blanket
Whistle and compass
Pump and backup battery for your phone
Empty jug to pee in
wastebasket to pee in
bathtub to pee in
I’ll go walking and working
through oceans of your pee

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