1 Mar 2015, 8:01pm

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Don’t judge me I won’t

Warehouse opera multi function
House and handgrenade
The hosereel gets stuck by the garage door
So I don’t wash the cars anymore
Sonny jurgensen
I thank you
We all thank you
The hawks are doing well
19 in a row was it and still on top of the east
My mind is a rube goldberg device
Must be time for spring cleaning
I am an Ape wearing a wedding gown
That’s me
Been wanting to feel what it feels
To be bent over the old chaise
Face staring against the dull blinds
Will it snow
Will the kids be out of school for another week
I heard a fly buzz when I
When I
You took the tall picture and put it on my dresser
That’s my favorite
I like it
Please do that again

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