2 Mar 2015, 6:30pm

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Around and around we go

Big yellow tomato
Karmann ghia
My uncle who raced stock cars
around a dirt track near winder
He was fast
He won a lot
He was my favorite (uncle)

The car was brown and pink
It had mail box numbers on the side
Number 7
Number 13
Kisses for luck

When you win on a dirt track
they don’t feed you champagne
You have pabst blue ribbon
You pour it over your bald head
and it gets in your underwear

My uncle lived in a brick apartment
over his garage
He had girls stay with him
Through the week
My aunt wasn’t too happy about it
but she liked him winning

That isn’t there anymore

I was reading (grapes of wrath
On the road) and you were
Nowhere near

I see you on the beach some days
You’re still pretty
I’m still lonely, horny
In love

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