17 Feb 2015, 2:49pm

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What perfume does your wife

Elastic banners and honey c’mere
Do me the do list
All left-you-in-the-wardrobe
A dormant message from outer space
Silk stockings and spider web
webbings        quieter queer quieter
Pinks Chiffon
Greta Garbo
Soft Leggings blue pink blue pink
white pink
Patchouli soap
Lace socks and
Tautological yoga balls
Tattoos of
Lemons oils grass bottles
Spinster shoes
Shiny leather
Glandular sexy toys in a box
Next to a child’s finger painting
And bronze baby shoes and a jar of
Clara Bow in a necktie     and bangs
Feel your way in the dark
Onto a pile of books
Fall out in the snow in a fur

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