13 Feb 2015, 3:03pm

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Roman polanski and my father

Mirror nickel and old feet
Wet words wool socks
Tide, your diploma graduation hat tassel
Motor engine
Climb an old roof
Banner billboard
Scaring the life out of some one
They thought was an animal up along the edge
That time we went to the mountains
and there was so much snow in april
Eating macaroni and canned chicken
Peanut butter and trail mix
I asked you what the iron curtain meant
and you said something about pittsburgh
No you misunderstand
I’m tired can we go
Instead we hiked down to gatlinburg and got a room
The oak ridge boys were playing
Nearly passed out at the ripleys museum
From too much cough medicine
Jack palance remember that guy
You shook your head
I wondered if club soda would get bloodstains
out of carpet you said
Ask your mother
She would know better than I do
about those things

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