5 Feb 2015, 6:45pm

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I dream of jeannie

They called to me in weird names
I barely remember at end of day
The Time to come in, eat
The dinner at my house was placed
carefully in small bowls on the table
Typically meatloaf or fried steak
Always some potato
A Bread
One or two vegetables green orange yellow
Remember in the happy days
Richie says he likes meatloaf and the
girls laugh
No laughing
On Fridays there would be fast food takeout
Burgers, Mexican
usually we would eat at 5

There were different customs at my
friend’s house
We said blessing they said grace
His dad was the minister of our church
Stern taciturn
No elbows on the table
Very little speaking
They had green naugahyde couches
in the sitting area
We watched the world series 1980-81
Dodgers and Yankees
No one had cable yet
His mom served salisbury steak
Potatoes and peas
So that’s what I thought they meant by
Missionary style
And a rare treat, thousand island
salad dressing
When we were done it was almost bedtime

I went to my grandparents later and still
go there now
It is my grandmother’s house
All day food
The grownups gather at the table and eat
While the kids sit at trays low benches
hugging our knees to our chests
Woodburning stove puts out so much heat
There is probably venison
Or goat, stringy; wild pig, squirrel
You never can tell
The all day watermelon and beer drinking
on Sundays Saturdays
That was my granddad’s thing but he’s gone now

Tonight it’s the superbowl and
We’re eating chili at my house
Everyone has a bowl they sit where they want

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