24 Jan 2015, 1:21pm

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Tiny atlas

I know the city was here first
Before woods
Before ideas
Before Eggs and bacon
Before What-you-have-for-breakfast
Toast, especially
It was the city that drove them
From the woods
First The clown people
Aping the costumes of the gods
Bringing remote controls and dustmops
3D helicopter drug drones
Aliens microbes labs rats
Ulna and Radius
Names of things
a stone a fossil of 2D people kneeling
Then the letter men came
They were idea men
They hid the city
Bringing a fourth dimension
That was the beginning of nonsense
Lives definitions
Ex nihilo nihil fit
Which is really nonsense if you consider it
The moon men with their hoses and holsteins
Patent leather address books
Safe deposit box
Hedgerow on hedgerow. Lion statues
Where was the city in that great nest
In a vase. In the foyer
Finally we came
We loved the city so
we shoved it back in the woods
We put it up in a tree
Out of reach
Only the people in their brainless
fantasies could reach our city
Platform bed hewn from the woods
Statue of a goddess fucking her brainless
woolly mammoth man neanderthal man
With cool glasses
Scar on his thigh
The wild men liked their new bathrooms

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