30 Jan 2015, 2:48pm

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Tiberius the great

Nickel and glue
Zinc, turpentine
Wood and rosewater
In love these things are so
common and rare
Exotic metals are mixed together
inside your catalytic converter
To make the air safe
Tab A in slot B
Translating instruction manuals
for the human race

Captain James T. Kirk
Pioneer of the galaxy and shiny
showman in yellowgreengold and
green and showy shirts
Tamer of all worlds
What did your captain’s quarters
hold for you
Late at night
When you went to your bed and
stared up at the starry sky
What relics of us
Spacemen from an earlier day
Have you thought of us
Standing smoking in our big hats
and splendid day jackets
Scanning the heavens for news

We waited forever
We thought we would live to see it

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