12 Jan 2015, 3:09pm

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Big outline

Time is beauty, cellophane
Nothing at all
A big walk around the lake to see moonlight
your friends are expecting you there
On the other side
With big umbrellas and happy speeches
Décolletage mirror ball
A dance in the hall at the friendly mansion
I guess
they will see you back to sleep
And you will see the grounds tomorrow

But I’m too close to it
I worry
I think I will just walk around the lake
and want to swim
To take a deep dive under the stars
With you
Why not
Because there is a path

Otherwise I don’t know what I am
Caveman in a brain
Rattling pots and pans
Bones building fires and cooking
Living fixing
Fucking. Not eating.
Just another silly monkey
Reading James Joyce in an outhouse

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