1 Dec 2014, 2:45pm

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Non-entity #5

Where can I sleep
I’m taking a hammock with me to find out
On the plane
On the bus
On the boat
Can I sleep on a boat

My hammock is small, it fits in my suitcase
Even the tiniest carryon
I can spread it across a small space
I just lash the two ends around two posts
And voilà!
I get to sleep in my hammock
On a train also
I forgot that one

My hammock is green
What color is your hammock
Will you spread it beside me
Come on
There is nothing better than sleep in a hammock

Outdoors my hammock is best
It is better than any bed, cot or bedroll
I just pick it up and carry it with me
I can go hiking
I can sleep in the woods in my hammock

At night
I spread my hammock over the trail where I sleep
Right there
Will you bump into me if you go there

Then you can sleep in my hammock too

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