15 Dec 2014, 8:55am

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Drinking Earl Grey tea and thinking about your vagina

Marigold blossom and jet inkstain
Dried cumstain
Dried cum becums you becomes me becomes becums
I am losing myself in the moment of this
Bildungsroman, this
Body is a nest, this your body
Thorny groin
My own warm moist mossy musk
Brings back to me
Hot flashes of the man kind
Important signals, atoms firing
Death of progress slowly happening
Especially when I orgasm
Body clearly on the decline now
But still suitable
I am tall enough
I am handsome enough

It must be that what I am
Brings back strings feathers twigs
Bric-a-brac back and forth to you
I am what I am
I am Flitting like a kite at your back
Pulling ribbons on a corset piercing
Tying you up
Watching me spank you calmly in a mirror
I brought a hairbrush but I think I will use my hand
I know this language of eroticism
But who is watching you really
There is a peephole in the room
Who is the important being we both serve

What is the octopus of the moment
Doing with all of its bright red tentacles
Even now

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