28 Nov 2014, 2:43pm

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Preliminary Sketch

Praying for rain at the taco stand
At the night stand
After it has rained so much
I don’t belong in so much rain
It’s a four star walk from the five star
restaurant where I will eat
Where I will dress up accordingly
Season of dinner parties and layered tin foil
Evergreen lights and chips and napkins

I want a being who is more near to me than
this five sided tetragamatton
Who can understand the righteousness of love
Who fears only to be alone without love
That is my fear too

I don’t want to be the reason she has a conniption
Or folds towels in outer space
Or anything comes of the dark side

I’ve been to the dark side
It’s a big mess

Where does the universe end
With a bow tie and someone tying it on, or
Another someone unloosening that tie
Beside a table of room service
french fries on the side

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