14 Nov 2014, 5:48pm

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Let’s listen to Deftones and fuck

Can you be someone I can have in the car beside me?
Can you put your feet up on the dash and play with your hair
while I drive somewhere far far away?


All those blown miles
I see thought-balloons over you
How are mine
Have you thought about it
Have you
Done it
A loud hiss when those balloons pop
The sharp teeth

Before nails
Before Wailing and Gnashing
There is another story
Call it biography or human nature
Call it So much to know
All the before and then and what now

It takes time to get to the bottom of it

Meanwhile, you could be in the car with me
Listening to Deftones

I could watch you
  Catch that sun on your legs
draw it in for me
  make me lose control of this
dangerous vehicle

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