19 Nov 2014, 11:16am

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Ezra Nehemiah Esther Job

Purple loincloth for a purple humongous giant clown
What would James Dean think about all this
Towering over the carnival like an alien god
An old abode of his
Right in the big mouth of the funhouse ride
Big lips
Big red tongue
The wacky laughing of the dead ghoulish corpse of James Dean

Big Zombie circus
Biblical James Dean

Been thinking about this popularity contest we’re having
The celebrity of things
The awful carnival
funhouse ticket
Crystal ball
The wheel
The wheel of fortune
Where the wild things are
The horror stays inside
The Big top lurkers pederasts
people of ill repute in general

And beside that everyone knows that clowns
Are scary

Alfred Hitchcock and a murder mystery
Mystery solved
Mayhem spooky
Behind the bushes
where he has the Actual murder occur
The Tennis player’s wife
Nondescript professional terrorist inspired malevolent face

That is a frightening character
Right out of a good novel

The killers are all difficult people to realize
It could be anyone

You me robert walker farley granger

Danny devito was in the remake
Throw momma
Throw momma from the train

That was a dumb comedy

But the better version, the original, was always there too

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