7 Nov 2014, 7:17pm

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Duck duck goose

Book mania portmanteau
The lights over Chesapeake are
thrown down on laundromats
By the new bridge at Charleston
These ferries cost a lot
A museum in Savannah teaches
schoolboys how to pick and grow cotton
While a pile of ashes on a slave’s day bed
Is the only funeral it will ever know
The Andersonville winters full of
malaria and disease
Horrifying instances of human
brutality just miles from your door

But beauty too
Beauty costs less
A tank of gas two subs for the road
I had a weekend planned for us in Asheville
Why didn’t we go
I would’ve screwed you in the hotel
where we fell apart so many times
One screw for each screw we screwed loose
The old dresser fell apart in the antechamber
While they were building the house next door
We didn’t notice
You and I we were different people
We were good and cosmic,
adjusting our belts for the ride home

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