18 Oct 2014, 2:43pm

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Vodka computer toaster dressing

The opera house is a vast singer
Listen to her darling
Her pretty shoes shattering the clouds
Time after all
Blue and strapped and
Blue and blue and blue

She dances while you

Remember that feel when
her toes itched in the stockings
Alarm bells beginning to ring
Hello it’s time for church

It was after that
Before this
Too early to experience time travel
You counted it a little death
une petite mort
One of the first surely

(Can you distinctly remember,
Any of you,
The first time you came?)

You licked her toes and then you came

The baby sitter was watching one of the blue channels on the satellite
Eating ice cream while you slept
She pulled out a little vibrator from her pink purse

All day long the stock markets crashed
And whipsawed
And strangely recovered

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