13 Oct 2014, 10:07am

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Thinking about you and Wallace Stevens while listening to Radiohead

Making out with myself to Kid A
In Rainbows
The King of Limbs
Wondering what you’re doing on this rainy day
Does your kid have glasses yet
How’s her asthma
Has your husband begun to get that beginning-of-middle-age spare tire

I’m impressionable still
Although I talk about it less
Why bother people with God’s problems
They can’t fix them
I forgot to ask my wife for oral
And of course she didn’t remember

But that’s being petty
There are plenty of things I don’t remember

Like fixing the back door
Regrouting that loose piece of tile by the bathtub

I want to get myself in better shape
grow up in a different pattern than
Those balding dads who sing
Sing along songs
With None too difficult
Repeatable lyrics

The Rolling Stones fans
Ramones fans

It’s better sometimes
To be rendered moot
To be Disillusioned
A mouthpiece only for a beat up oily trumpet
Robotic drum machine

In awe of somebody else’s intergalactic stellar awesomeness
Vibrato sotto voce
Layered textured Spy Hunter bassline throb
The human voice can’t do that

I want to be Morphed into something
you or I or our children
wouldn’t recognize

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