26 Oct 2014, 10:57am

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Pretty sex organ

I am keeping the gay lizard house
Next to the fan of blue empties
My dog has to digest it all before I come back
Poor dog
He keeps Cycling around my poem
like a massive dick and balls
I scrubbed my ass today
Look. I told you!

My diary has an extra page next to the last one
Pretty sure you know about that the way we met
Next to your foot
was a body shaped like a Violin bow
O amen
That sign is crossed
The cars go up faster even than the wolves
Only we can solve this mystery

Do you see me over there shaking my head
Pulling over a policeman
You looked up and
I don’t know
You try flashing the dying cops
I have alms for you
I want to taste you
And I want your loneliness

In my diary I write Nicole Brown Simpson
I don’t know why
She’s blessed with me all the way
I am not blessed myself

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