6 Oct 2014, 1:21pm

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I’m the stranger killing an arab

Tumblr vagina poetry whatnot
Lacy Virginia cotton panties
Roanoke, Roanoke
Jack in the box
Jack and Jill went tumbling down

The alley
A riddle a puzzle
Albert Camus
I don’t sell dope I make dope shit
In Athens there is a head shop
black light posters record store
Wuxtry are you still open

Robert Smith in black lipstick
Black nails
White paleface goth man
Are you listening

I watched Johnny Depp in Dead Man twenty times I still don’t get it
Neil Young do you get it

Eating plum chicken while stoned
Watching Lord of the Flies while stoned that summer
I performed in a band concert while stoned

What did you say

The well respected country club
Didn’t know what to make of us pimply-faced squawkers
Jim Morrison
Doors of perception

I was a high school valedictorian
Living a lie
Makes me shiver to think about
The things that I’ve done
The places where I didn’t fit
The stories I did not tell
We all like to think that we have a little friendship coterie back of us don’t we

I had a few
Falcon whose parents had the best grass
Peter who could fix anything mechanical
Joe who would go on to wreck anything Peter fixed
Trent, Trent who showed me the good side of Athens
Time of my life
Getting drunk with all the guys after the dancehall closed
Getting lost, real lost in the woods

In the alley
Down on the train tracks
Looking for girls looking for guns looking for cigarette butts
unlit joints loose coins gravel sawdust
Anything we could find on the
Train tracks
Cross tie spikes
anything I could get my hands on

And then when I had it it was never good enough
So I got drunk and drunker
I just shoved your face under the covers
& said I would see it shining
Saturday Sunday
The whole weekend
Whatever I could think of

The whole weekend was like that
Like falling through fog

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