9 Oct 2014, 9:30am

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Human beings in space and time

I am enamored of puzzles
It is wonderful they are wonderful
I keep finding them strange things underneath me

Inside the manor there is a tremulous recording

As the fbi agents sit in the van

Like a strange hand cupping my balls

I wish I could know you how they would feel to you

I love to wear a wire I bear a witness against myself

We feel the hosiery accents everything


The society is on
In the bedroom

I am watching you through it

Watching Now, Voyager with you
after many years of voyaging
You have a Sense of Bette Davis about you

You are in a Blue mood
You are in a Soft and somber mood

What can we trouble each other with
at this point

What can I say about your mood

It turns out, many things

Our relations are complicated
We like it


An altruistic dimension of space is what we need

Where we can go
There are no repercussions or morals

The thing about space is
There is all this time to get through it

We like to look at the Unwatched TV
The espionage threats beginning
Pasty white sea of elephants
The spies’ ringleader
Poking into the brain’s holes

I don’t want to hurt you
But I don’t want to sacrifice myself
to this beginning sentence

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