8 Oct 2014, 11:50am

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Group metrics

People are getting naked at a young age
It starts in church
Cruella is a pretty lady
When the rerun’s on
The minister in a black robe his choir clothes
Turns to the back row

And we belong there in the back row
the row is empty
Making Etchings in the pew
Playing hangman

Later on in school there is a duty
to reinforce this sense of Oedipal duty
The phallic phase
The breast reduction surgery
Bowel control and all that

Something in us rebels and makes us want to strip

We shoot spitballs in the Bathroom
Do some Shrooms
Strip down to our naked bodies

Touch yourself over the sink
Try it
Place the camera up high and possible
Something unimaginable
Peter Lorre in a rainstorm
A mute glamour model

We have consumed it
we have whispered

There is a clue to happiness
It is hiding under the afghan
Touch it
Take it home with you

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