2 Oct 2014, 12:40pm

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Dynasty of black

A peckerwood is in distant north
A dark sky tone
A magnet in the directions of the town

And the blacker mass with Buck Mulligan at the head of it
was steadfast
At the Chrysler dealership
He looked stately
I was a woman at last
I opened my mouth and I partook of his love offering (ball gag)

He gave me wine
My lips were red
He stained my teeth with his bright red wine

My hairy knees knocked under the
pink ballgown
As the bride groom
Felt himself bulge
He rubbed his hard prick against my butt

I thought of
James Joyce, I thought of you
with your nose pressed against the crack of your wife


I hated it
On the subway, like a cliff those Japanese stranger
porn sites are always pushing people off of

I forgot how to conjugate anything

The knickers I got you are not becoming
Except with a plaid skirt
The white socks

Language as a rape fantasy
It’s fairly accurate

I would like to be bigger
I would like to have my legs shaved so smooth as his but they are prickly

Would like to have something begin on top of me

I try to live all my life with a full cup
And light some alleys
But this hallway is always very dark

It leads to my inner recess
My core if I have one

Lighting me up filling me with dark paint

O come all ye faith ful

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