27 Oct 2014, 12:29pm

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Barbecue salad

Beautiful warlock of licking boots
And your dread mustache

You have dealt drugs on the wrong side of campus
While I was having that dream
of being a college student

It was Charles Bronson vs. the Terminator
Rainer Maria Rilke as a large celestial being
What do you think?!

I Fumigated your tights
I Funneled you through a ripped seam in the
Space time continuum
Licking you pearly

Flannel a thought
Blowgun a Ballgown

You will do very well to sleep there for 50 years if you can

It is no
Lizard petroleum
Dark helicopter

Extra sunlight will help
Bastard children all over the world with their vitamin D deficiency

Be a
Moist cookie
Dank nipple sucker

Fu Manchurian

Electric spotted organ

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