15 Sep 2014, 1:14pm

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The human being spaceship

The past is futuristic
There are Dominoes, in a little case
Played by a girl by the bed of a dying aunt
She looks forlorn and very tired
So does the aunt
The white monotone of a chemise
in synthetic fabric around her shoulders
The girl’s too
The spaceship eerily lit
The white wall speakers minutely interesting
Playing Chanson and Bouree

The form of a narrative in a symbol
is less picaresque than weird
This is where the people are
Microcosms of themselves and

the captain is quite interesting
In his youth he scaled the Eiffel Tower
he made something of his life
None of the 17,000 passengers know about this
But I’m telling you
You can believe that when they get to the dock you
won’t be awake
You will be sealed in your chamber like the rest
Playing on your bagpipe
Nobody wants to forget that music

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