5 Sep 2014, 10:35am

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The human being night shirt

Sofa gentle lovesick tickle
Buona fortuna
Concerto by Brahms
The old Victorian run down gloomy look
In a room
Which is Pale, and lucid
Conjoined twins are always arming themselves like this
They are going to fight one day
If only they could agree on when

I am a roman gladiator
I own nothing
I am against nothing
Nihil est
My factory is built out of wallpaper

I fall apart when they ask me to do things
I only wish I could sneeze

Nearing the cloud I felt a cold celebrity washing my face
It was like a human feeling
Very sinking

Compassion is cold
Was hoping brAngelina would adopt me or something
But no

There are different names for what the light does
Here, if you don’t like this one, try another

My chest has a hairy nipple
No, it’s two

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