29 Sep 2014, 1:17pm

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Sing hallelujah in church

Every poem got an audience
Righteous nonbeliever
Been thinking about lifting my hands up to show you
What if I didn’t shave my armpit hair this morning
Oh fuck
Wait a second, it’s ok because I’m a guy
Or I’m a girl in Florida
vacationing from Espagne
Or maybe France
I still have my shirt on
Is it from Germany?

Jesus put a magpie in my cheerios
Today, or he will try to
I’m not sure
Even if I eat it will that make me a sinner
Oh my god
It is so hard to tell with the new grammar rules
I’m thinking too hard about wearing my Speedo to church
And yes, I will shave my crotch if that matters to you

Tell me what kind of church do you go to
Do they still sing the songs in Latin,
And if you mess up does anyone really know that you’ve done it
I’ve tried to get a girl to undress for me in the baptistry
But she was a trapeze artist
She sailed right along
Hairy as an ape under her star-spangled onesie

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