19 Sep 2014, 1:16pm

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Crooked stepladder to Elysium

Celestial pincushion
What is it with all this hand wringing
time wasting
Tracking Imhotep through the fields
among the lords of the flies
My deranged lunatic neighbor
throws rocks at all the passing mail carriers
(He doesn’t call them mailwomen either)
The USPS is going broke you know
Killed like the newspaper
Death by email, Amazon, Google
Alibaba has an IPO today
Tomorrow the genie’s lamp will rub itself
and you will wonder what that even meant
Rising sea levels
Burgess Meredith’s alter makes do
on an heap of unbroken search results
Reading badly drawn political cartoons by lamplight

I wanna know
Do you wanna know
What is it that they expect to happen
I never felt so alone as when I ran out of my kilt
They found me screaming,
naked, halfway to China

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