28 Aug 2014, 2:12pm

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The human being furnace

Eras are being shot in Technicolor
In the dinosaur lands

There is a Jules Verne-ish willful explosion
Warm compassion awaits you in a land of elk and tropical doormats!

You are going on the Love Boat
Captain Stubing really knows his business
For right away you fall in love with his bald pate
Will he ever leave his wife?
But wait
You forgot about the terrible White Mountains and the tripods
You can’t forget that

You watch an army of ants crawl over Merrill Stubing’s face
It’s fun

But what can you see of this overgrown valley we call madness?
It’s hotter t/here
Bonkers! Poor Pooh bear.
Eeyore would know what to do
He would

Imagine that you are inside of a valley with a T. Rex
It is a long long long long valley
Which gives you the greater odds?
Being a man
Or being the burning bush which kills him and the dinosaur too?

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