4 Aug 2014, 10:42am

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Interstate 40 Love Song

(with apologies to Stone Temple Pilots)

The Sun is kissing you and I miss this heat
Three days since I left Barstow and I’m clear across America
Back in the dark humid woods
Driving down from Tennessee into Georgia
My native home
The road is pretty but
You can only see so far
Humidity obfuscating every view
Trees bunching us in
I remember when we were kids and we would crawl under their limbs like babies
That is where I first showed and got shown
Now it seems like a stuffy world
One that can’t seem to get clear of a bad sinus headache

I want to take a day or two off
And See Rock City Ruby Falls
The signs you see for 100 miles out from Chattanooga in all directions
But I’ve already seen them

I’ve seen Wilmington too
Which according to the road sign on I-40 leaving Barstow was 2,554 miles east
That’s crazy

This is a big country
There are mountains on one end and cannabis
A desert and more mountains
Plains and rivers and hills and finally another set of mountains
Coast and opposite coast
As if there weren’t enough deserts to drive through
I want the wind on my face and I want it now
A sun so still
Sky big enough to cover us

Oceans of sand
Brown canyons

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