29 Aug 2014, 12:41pm

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Imagined I had a lot of fever, nature center

Suck and squeeze
Made up a headloop
For show and tell
I brought a rock
It was Gorgeous
Slimy and green covered
Fetched from a river
Which was Also a tributary
Like a lot of things in those days baby creeks
Agitated by whole skeletons of mollusks
Grass carp were brought in to do the rest
To Kill!
The Invasive grass willowing underneath
which was choking out the native plants
just like that goddamned English ivy
Up top
The whole mountainside was practically falling into the pond

The lady has an owl that is scaring the shit out of me
Elizabeth Bishop
Her name is Diana the Huntress
No Athena has the owl
That’s scat

I want to smoke you so bad
Lay your head on my head
Can we see something
Share some head lice
I have jet lag
I have gone so far, so far, around the whole world, so far

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