3 Aug 2014, 5:37pm

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Agoraphobic, cannibal

Lettuce mystery Holstein camera
This is sounding quite gothic now
Does the cow have mad cow
Is Bunnicula coming to eat?

The universe is full of such songs as these
Which you will remember when you are older
Like you remember Mary Shelley and The Last Man
While sitting in the Monster Mini Golf
          white lady with a white sword
Green blinking eyes
Turning her head from side to side

The kids are athletic, ok
Striking the pink and yellow balls
Shrieking when one goes in

It’s a color coordinated apocalyptic look
One which could not have been achieved without Mary Shelley
I of course I am thinking of her more famous work now
But in my heart I am a more ardent admirer of The Last Man

Frail and diseased
Like mad cow heifers
Dying all over Europe
Stumbling over empires
Castle after castle in a man’s head

O to be full and happy
Dying alone on the Tiber!

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