3 Jul 2014, 9:19am

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Spaceship, Crab Nebula

My screen name is a magic paintbrush
I can afford two jokes
The most recent dramamine epidemic
has left me falling asleep in outer space

I don’t want to call you coochie
My instinct is to call you darling
But then I amputated my prick
To make my ego softer than vanilla pudding

Who will you call when your conglomerate
no longer offers sufficient employment
When your standard of living goes to shit
and you have to make house calls
Will you call the one who called you darling
or the one who called you coochie

I don’t want to be any wiseacre then
I’ll show you my surgery scars
in the back room of a real NY deli serving real NY pizza
We’ll deliver it to all the bedridden exiles
who’ll appreciate us for what we’ve given them

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