28 Jul 2014, 9:20am

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Say something about your deep quarrel with meaning

Pizza soda
Pleiades are a construction
The televangelists are moving in
Temporary grant managers atop worlds of deep machinery
I can’t quarry that mine
I’m in denial
A Dystopi-an
 anarchist at heart
I lack desire
That’s why I can’t stop writing

Naked seminaked autonomous creatures
Are Beginning to understand us
They see
 the human being is ugly
For example
Have You ever looked at your hands when stoned?
 Horny goat weed

I got hooked
On Either side of me
Were you or them
But I liked you better
So I said
 If I
  grab a man’s butt by mistake
Is it a big delicious ruby-slippered ass that I’m going to touch?

It’s mine!
But I wouldn’t wait
I would sleep with it sideways
it defines
Something Squishy in my pants
Crab nebula of your penis

That look of it in the water
like floating flotsam or seaweed
White and pink

Or swinging from a vine
Like Tarzan going to a jungle meeting, thick and hard
Like a wrecking ball, like King Kong
Gorilla Monsoon

The angry koi nibble you all over

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