18 Jul 2014, 5:28pm

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One day your life will be all sex and madness

Unpacking the side boob
And undercleavage
On a night when you have forgotten your shorts
That a man could be finding them in the yard
With another man
Seems strange enough
But that they could then come to your room and hang out with you
And listen to some old records and give you their life stories
Kissing the backs of their hands as they pretend to make out with you
Calling you their dirty magic girl
The one they lost in the woods so long ago
That seems even stranger

The one man is handling you like a pro
But the other man doesn’t seem so sure of himself
He gums up the walls with his talk
He is off the schoolyard, why does he still talk of his major and what he has
or hasn’t done with his life
You don’t want to hear about that
Show me
The other man is a secret liar
He has a terrible trick, an unruly piece of hair that stands up no matter how much
You smooth it down
You lick it with your tongue to be sure
You pull his face close to you and you hold him there for a little while
The other man is still staring at you,
At your tits or your behind
Who knows
He isn’t bad looking, but you wish that he was a little more like your husband
Your actor husband
His name is Bob
Bob Saget
There are many clones in the future

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