22 Jul 2014, 5:29pm

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Living with you in the hinterland

Mushroom pagoda legacy weatherman
With raspberry sauce on his face
If I see a stain on your shirt I will know
When I am off to war
Something untoward has occurred

But after all it is not really sexy
Perhaps it is just a mask for wanting to stain you

If I see a stain on your face
It is just a rumour
If I see a stain on my fridge it is just a calendar

In July the bookstores open so
We’ll put some on your bookshelf
Perhaps a few books from me,
To remember me by when I am gone

I remember you
Painting the big bookshelf green
And then purple
And then many colors
Half pregnant in a silk robe
Many choices to make
Which book to pull down
Which to read for the 214th time

Gide is good
I do not expect you to read Mallarmé in July

I will love you anyway
I will not be cross with you forever
The weatherman coos and
comes by night

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