30 Jul 2014, 3:30pm

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for my pals

I wanted to tell a story about all the good people I started knowing
And how they danced on a mountain with me
Beside each other wearing togas and not afraid to let each others’ bellies flop
Drinking wine or tea or coffee or beer or liquor
Whatever they wanted
The liquor didn’t make you sick
It just made you quicker

All my animal instincts had survived

Some had walked up that day while others were a little late
Mere presences in the crowd
A space where their arms would be
In July
“Is that you Jed?” I would say
Hoping that one day I would get an answer back
And it would be Jed talking to me just like I used to know him in bygone days
He was one of the good ones
A spaceman from the Wild Wild West
I used to call him Butch Cassidy just to fuck with him

I was one of the walkers
In Yosemite there is a place called Half Dome
It is not so hard to think about
That people can climb up an entire mountain with the assistance of a cable
Up a well worn trail in the smooth granite
A chain of ants ahead and below
Still several people die there
And even more in Vernal Falls

To be truthful it was pretty quiet
I said to my gal there
But she had already gone looking for a wafflecone
I drank her Pepsi

The amusement park ride was sitting right on the edge of this great slice of the hill
A cliff really
It was a rollercoaster so I got on it
What else was there to do
I was whipped out into empty space
Like so many times before

Down below
I saw people ordering trains
So many
“They will never get here that way will they Jed?”

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