26 Jul 2014, 9:59am

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How to evict corporate whores from your basement

Within famous baskets
Hollow sounds, and Vaseline
Invent-Tech garage inventers invent the next big thing
Like, you know, cardboard VR glasses
Or a diesel additive
But the sugar is still stuck to your coat

What we could really use is some sort of key
to where Melanie lives
I am thinking of her sexy foot right now
Toes a tap tapping underneath her office chair
Working on a spreadsheet, or is she
surreptitiously reading Márquez underneath those monitors
Whatever, her nail polish is purdy purdy
and I wanna suck it right off

Does she know I have perverse thoughts
I doubt it
But I do appreciate how she slips her shoes off each day
letting those nude sculpted feet bask in the afternoon sun

I used to think about having an affair with her
It would’ve been fancy
kissing her feet all night while she made
duck face selfies at her fans on her Facebook page
Enough to make the whole world come

Our namesake, the baby
Would’ve been called George
That child is now 5 years old and ready to grow up

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